Livestock Animals Standardized Genetics Nomenclature

Standardized Bovine Gene Names

— assigned based on human gene nomenclature
Manual data provided by BGD via community annotation. This data is supplemented with HGNC nomenclature transferred to bovine genes based upon strict orthology between the two species (Last updated: 04 March 2013). Search:
This dataset contains 9,910 entries as of March 04, 2013; 100 rows returned.
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  • Data supplementary to the book:
    The Genetics of the Cattle.
    Edited by Dorian Garrick and Anatoly Ruvinsky. 2014, CABI Publishing, Wallingford UK.
    Chapter 24: Standard Genetic Nomenclature.
    by Zhi-Liang Hu, James M. Reecy, Fiona McCarthy, and Carissa A. Park.