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CRI-MAP is a programme for the construction of genetic maps from gene linkage data. From the CRI-MAP Manual introduction by its author, Dr. Phil Green ...

"The main purpose of CRI-MAP is to allow rapid, largely automated
construction of multilocus linkage maps (and to facilitate the attendant
tasks of assessing support relative to alternative locus orders,
generating LOD tables, and detecting data errors). Although originally
designed to handle codominant loci (e.g. RFLPs) scored on pedigrees
"without missing individuals", such as CEPH or nuclear families, it can
now (with some caveats described below) be used on general pedigrees,
and some disease loci."

In addition to its primary mapping function, CRI-MAP can also estimate recombination fractions & LOD scores between pairs of loci, perform multipoint likelihood calculations, and point out recombinant chromosomes in pedigrees.

This tutorial is divided into three parts:

  1. Data Formatting data input & formatting
  2. Analysis 1 mapping & LOD scores
  3. Analysis 2 map testing & X-overs

Throughout, you will find links to:

For those of you without data, please get some from the

This is an INTERACTIVE tutorial; you will benefit most by FOLLOWING the instructions, through READING the examples, and DOING the exercises! Exercises are indicated by italics in nested paragraphs ...

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Now you are ready for
Part 1 - data input & formatting   Data Formatting

Good luck, Bonne chance, Held og lykke, viel Glück, Succes, ...;

Have some fun doing this tutorial, and PLEASE send your comments and questions!

If you are keen to have MORE information about CRI-MAP, check the Bibliography Page.  

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