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There are many resources on the Internet for those of us performing genetic mapping and linkage analysis. Follow the links below to find even more!

Linkage Centres & "Home Pages"
The CEPH/Genethon Center
Cooperative Human Linkage Center
GDB, the genome database for humans
?. Kramer's Linkage Page
Jurg Ott's Genetic Linkage Page
        including the Linkage Newsletter
Univ. Minnesota Medical Center

Linkage Courses
        Basic gene mapping course.

        HGMP-RC Courses
        Genetic Methods, by Drs. Margaret Pericak-Vance and Jonathan Haines.
        Linkage Software, by Jurg Ott.

Linkage FAQ
WWW version

Linkage Mailing Lists
Fastlink -
        To subscribe, send your request to Alejandro Schaffer, stating your name, EMail address, and the name of your research institution.

Linkage Newsgroup

Linkage Programmes
EBI Linkage and Mapping Software Repository
Genetic Linkage Software Page
NIH repository
Software from both John Attwood and Dave Curtis
LNKTOCRI, for converting pedigree data formatted for Linkage to the CRI-MAP format. By Jillian Blaschak, with modifications by Tara Matise. Available upon request only.
Map Manager 2.6.2
Pedigree Tracker, for the Macintosh, by L. Silver

Genetics-related Pages & etc.
Yahoo's Genetics Info
Human Molecular Genetics Mailing List
        To subscribe, enter only subscribe HUM-MOLGEN first_name last_name in the text of your message
CEPH reference family lymphoblastoid cell lines

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