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SOFTWARE NAME: "DNA GC calculator (DNAgcCal)". AUTHOR: Li Yan [liyangenomics.org.cn] VERSION: RELEASED: 2003. 3. 16 The DNAgcCal was designed to calculate the GC composition of nucleotide sequences, with additional features such as G+C content, G-C/G+C ratio. It can also be used to find any segment inserted from outside, where is the ORI site etc. PLATFORM: Windows 9x, 2000, me USAGE: It is built with graphical interface to work in Windows environment. You can use it as most other Windows software by clicking the mouse and type in given windows. Only one sequence is analyzed at a time. AUTHOR'S CLAIM: This is shareware, anyone can use it freely and distribute to other people if they don't mind sending an Email Card to the author. Rational advice is desirable. Any modification and recompilation are prohibited, all other rights are reserved by author. Wish it could be useful for your research work.
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