Annotation of TIGR Porcine Gene Index (SsGI) with Human UniGene Info

We developed this web interface to facilitate the use of the Pig Array. Users can either search our results (option 1) or blast his/her own sequences (option 2) for annotation. Users can cite our work as "NAGRP BioInfo Team: Annotation of TIGR Porcine Gene Index (SsGI) with Human UniGene Info., November 2003."

Option 1

Users can search / download our preliminary sequence annotation results (by blast TIGR Porcine Gene Index, SsGI versoin 5, against human UniGene, Build #163). The Geneontology (GO) annotation by TIGR is also included.
Please note that if you don't input any search keywords and leave the choices as they are, clicking the "submit" botton will download the list of sequences on the (Qiagen) PigArray.
Human UniGene name:
Human tissue expressed:
Human chromosome:
GO gene name:
GO class:
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Option 2

Users can blast his/her own sequence(s) to get the closest match of human UniGene for annotation. The output will list:
  1. Human UniGene name.
  2. Human Unigene map location;
  3. Human tissue where the gene was found to have expressed in.
Blast parameters:
Cost to open a gap:
Cost to extend a gap:
Cost for a mismatch:
Minimum matched length:
Reward for a match:
Expect Value:
Score Value:
Minimum Word Size:
Copy and paste your sequence(s) in FASTA format:

  • DOC: The database setup
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