Pig Genome Update No. 28

January 1, 1998

Happy Holidays to all of you, your families and colleagues! THE NATIONAL SWINE IMPROVEMENT MEETING MET in Des Moines on December 5-6. The meeting was well attended by pig breeders, students and scientists. The presentations included several talks dealing with issues related to quantitative and molecular genetics and the discovery and use of individual genes in pig breeding programs. The proceedings are available from Dr. Chuck Christians, University of Minnesota.

We owe a BIG THANKS TO THE WRITING COMMITTEE and especially Jerry Dodgson for their efforts to renew the National Animal Genome Research Program, as supported by USDA-CSREES through the National Research Support Project-8. In addition, thanks go out to everyone who gave comments and supplied information for the rewrite. The final version is now on the way to the Administrative Advisors. The final version is not substantially different in spirit from the draft you may have received. However, some changes to the wording and updates to the publication list were made. If and when this renewal is approved, all participants will eventually receive a copy so hard copy versions are not being distributed now to everyone. However, if you'd like an electronic version (in MSWord 6.0), please email Jerry at dodgson@pilot.msu.edu, indicating what sort of encoding (MIME, unencoded) you prefer and what, if any, email software you use (e.g., Eudora). This minimizes problems in the transfer process.

RESOURCES CONTINUE TO BE AVAILABLE. These resources include DNA, YAC libraries and microsatellite primers. Previous newsletters have considerable information on these resources. Do make use of them as they are designed to help all of us. Also be sure to acknowledge their source as it helps to improve cooperation and coordination activities.

A NEW FACELIFT IS TAKING PLACE. Thanks to our team member, Zhiliang Hu, our NAGRP web site http://www.genome.iastate.edu/ is getting a facelift. Be sure to take a look at it. If we failed to include something or you find a page or item needing updating, please contact us at either mfrothsc@iastate.edu or zlhu@iastate.edu.

THE PLANT AND ANIMAL GENOME VI, January 18-22, 1998, is rapidly approaching and again will be in San Diego. Some excellent workshops have been organized. Hotel accommodations for PAG-VI next January will be limited by the Super Bowl following us into San Diego on the weekend after the meeting. We will also announce the winner of the graduate student competition for the Jorgensen travel award. Hope to see you there!

It is early but PLANS FOR THE 1998 ISAG CONFERENCE ARE UNDERWAY and are included in the ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics) web site ( http://www.wisc.edu/animalsci/isag/index.html). The 1998 conference will take place from August 9-14, 1998 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Need some help to travel this next year? As in the past, some limited assistance may be available for active U.S. pig genome members to travel to the ISAG meeting in New Zealand. If you hope to go and need some assistance, please contact the U.S. Pig Genome Coordinator soon.

A PIG CHROMOSOME 13 WORKSHOP will be held on the Sunday preceding the ISAG meetings. This workshop (August 9) will cover integration of the several linkage maps and physical maps of chromosome 13, comparative mapping, quantitative trait analyses, and future plans for cooperation on chromosome 13 projects. Thanks to the sponsorship of the U.S. Pig Genome Coordination Program, costs for this meeting will be a nominal 25 NZ dollars (about $15 U.S.) to cover meeting refreshments and lunch. For further information and preregistration, please email cktuggle@iastate.edu.

Upcoming meetings:

6th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, January 12-16, 1998. Contact: Dr. Laurie Piper at 61 67 73-3609, Fax: 61 67 73-3611, email: 6wcgalp@mendel.une.edu.au.

PAGVI, January 18-22, San Diego CA. http://probe.nalusda.gov:8000/otherdocs/pg/pg6/pag6.html. XXVI International Conference on Animal Genetics is August 9-14, 1998 in Auckland, New Zealand. Chairman of organizing committee is Ian Anderson (ebtu@manawatu.gen.nz).

Contributions to Pig Genome Update 29, including short meeting announcements, are always welcome. Please send by February 10.

A SPECIAL YEAR END THANKS to all who have helped in the last year with the gene mapping project. The suggestions, ideas and information have really helped to make this activity easier and more useful. It is my hope that all of you have a happy holiday season and that the New Year brings with it good health, happiness and blessings for you, your families and friends.

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