NRSP-8: NAGRP Pig Genome Coordination Program
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Introduction to PIGBASE
PIGBASE is a computer database that includes information on papers published about gene mapping in the pig. It also includes genetic and physical maps of the pig genome. It can be reached through PIGBASE (aka Arkdb) U.S. node, for North American users or PIGBASE (aka Arkdb) primary node, for European users. Here are brief instructions on how to use the database.

If you want to query the database,

  1. Click the pig gene mapping activities (Pig Logo) to go to the main manual screen,
  2. At the main manual screen, click The PIGBASE Managers under the Database section, to get a menu of the database managers (Locus, map, reference, clone, etc.) and lists (Locus and Reference), and
  3. Use these managers to pursue your search.
  4. If you want to know the update of the summary report on the database, click the "Summary Statistics".

If you want to view the pig gene maps,

  1. Click The PIGMAP Gene Map Viewer under the Gene Maps section.
  2. At the Anubis Map View screen, choose (1) the type of map you want to see [this will bring you to the next screen], (2) the chromosome you like to see [this will bring you to the next screen], and (3) the map(s) you want to see.
  3. Click on "View Selected Maps" button, you will see a specific chromosome map generated using an Anubis genome visualisation tool developed at Roslin Institute, from the current the data stored in the database.

If you want to see the summary statistics of the database, click here.

  • For any questions with regard to the database structure and content, contact the editors.
  • For any other technical problems, contact the webmaster or the Roslin Institute Bioinformatics Group and describe your problem with reference to the URL you are at.

    Dr. Alan Archibald, Roslin Institute
    Dr. Max F. Rothschild, Iowa State University
    Database and Software Development:
    Dr Alan Hillyard, The Jackson Laboratory
    Dr Jian Hu, Roslin Institute
    Mr Chris Mungall, Roslin Institute
    Supported by funds from:
    Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, UK
    Commission of the European Communities
    Medical Research Council, UK
    USDA/CSREES - US Pig Genome Coordination Effort
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