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The raw data for the analysis were from functional annountation of (livestock) animal genomes (FAANG) by community members submitted to public databases (NCBI and Ensembl).

The analysis of the data are carried out with our RNA quantification pipeline, and the end results may be downloaded ( via collaborator access below ) or visulized as bar braphs with our in-house Expression Atalas tools.

  1. Data description

    • Data sets
      Data setSpeciesData fileData countsDate receivedProcessed by
      1CattleE-MTAB-11699_Ensembl_mRNAseq_gene_TPM.txt.gz18,813512,917,8902022-11-08Bruna Petry
      2CattleE-MTAB-11699_02NCBI_mRNAseq_gene_TPM.txt.gz16,292513,718,2502023-03-14Bruna Petry
      3CattlePRJEB35127_Ensembl_mRNAseq_gene_TPM.txt.gz18,8132941,886,7202023-03-23Bruna Petry
      4CattlePRJEB35127_02NCBI_mRNAseq_gene_TPM.txt.gz16,2922953,376,0002023-03-23Bruna Petry
    • Data types
    • Data analysis
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  2. Data sharing

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  3. Data requests

    • Write to EpiDB Team using the link at the bottom of this page.


* All data use at the EpiDB follow the FAANG data sharing statement.
Iowa State University EpiDB Team, Koltes Lab