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Subject: FAANG Workshop 2024
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2023 15:59:59 -0600

Dear Colleagues,

I cordially invite you to attend the FAANG Workshop 2024 and celebrate 10
years of FAANG Consortium together in the PAG 2024 in San Diego. The workshop
will be held from 10:30-6:10 pm on Tuesday (Jan. 16) in Palm 3-4 and the
detailed agenda can be found at

In addition, to celebrate 10 years of the FAANG Consortium, currently there
is a special issue open in the journal Genomics. This special issue aims to
highlight the scientific achievements of the FAANG initiative since its
foundation 10 years ago. The special issue will cover the annotation and
characterisation of genome function and regulatory elements, through
integration and comparative analysis of transcriptomic and epigenetic data
from farm animals. All manuscripts complying with FAANG data standards are
acceptable, while those from the US FAANG and Horizon Europe EuroFAANG
projects will be particularly welcomed. For more details please see this

On behalf of FAANG Organizers: Huaijun Zhou, Christopher Tuggle, Elisabetta
Giuffra, and Emily Clark

Huaijun Zhou, Professor
Chancellor’s Leadership Professor
2247 Meyer Hall, One Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616
University of California, Davis

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