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Subject: Position available in diagnostics of mastitis
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Research project on diagnostics of mastitis in dairy cattle.

The Unit of Animal Genomics (UAG) of the GIGA institute (university of
Liege) seeks to hire a scientist for a project aimed at diagnosing mastitis
by analyzing bulk tank milk using third generation sequencing (Oxford
Nanopore Technology). The project builds on prior technological
developments from the UAG that resulted in several publications (f.i.
Genome Res 30 : 1201, 2020, and patents. The new
projects adds a microbiome, resistome and epigenome dimension to the

Candidates should have a MSc or PhD degree in the life sciences. A DVM
degree and bioinformatic experience will be an advantage.

The GIGA institute, stablished in 2007 at the University of Liege, is an
interdisciplinary research center in biomedical sciences whose mission is
advanced medical innovation. The institute encompasses more than 500
members (PI, senior researchers, post-doctoral scientists, thesis students,
technicians) with expertise in medical genomics, in silico medicine,
neuroscience, oncology, infection and immunity, and cardiovascular
sciences. GIGA provides its members access to a broad range of state-of-
the-art technologies through core facilities, including genomics,
proteomics and imaging platforms (

Interested candidates should submit modtivation lmetter and CV to Wouter
Coppieters ( and/or Michel Georges
( before Novembre 30th, 2023.

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