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Subject: [aquaculturegenomics] Aquaculture genomics Newsletter 37
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2014 16:09:03 -0500

Aquaculture Genomics Travel Awardees Selected: The Aquaculture Genomics Workshop will be held on January 10-11, 2015 as a part of the International Plant & Animal Genome XXIII meeting ( in San Diego, CA, USA. In order to bring graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to the conference, the NRSP-8 Aquaculture Coordinators have continuously committed funds to support its travel awards. This year, five awardees were selected from the applications. The winners of this year’s travel awards are:
Orly EshelDetection of genes and microRNA involved in sex determination in Nile tilapiaThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Ailu ChenAllele-specific expression in interspecific catfish hybridsAuburn University
Xin GengGWAS analyses in catfish reveal the presence of functional hubs of related genes within major QTLs for columnaris disease resistanceAuburn University
Carlos RodriguezCan epigenetic regulation of sex-ratios explain natural variation in self-fertilization rates?The University of Adelaide
Agnieszka StadnikYeast two-hybridization analysis of Atlantic salmon sdY interactionsSimon Fraser University
Congratulations to these students and postdoctoral fellows.

Annual Report due to Species Coordinators: It is that time of year again, we need to submit our annual report in advance of the PAG meeting. There are two reports- one is the Workshop report assembled this coming year by Dr. Moh Salem; the other is the annual report. Once again for the annual report our strategy will be to assemble individual species reports that will combine into an aquaculture report, which is eventually combined into the project report. Unfortunately space is limited, therefore we can really only fit a short paragraph (2-3) sentences for each group under each objective (below). Please send your report to your species coordinators: Catfish: Dr. Sylvie Quiniou (; Salmonids: Dr. Palti, Yniv (; Striped bass: Dr. Craig Sullivan (; Oyster: Dr. Dina Proestou (; For all other species, send your report to Dr. Caird Rexroad ( Please send in your report before January 5, 2015, to cover the following objectives: Objective 1: Advance the status of reference genomes for all species, including basic annotation of worldwide genetic variation, by broad sequencing among different lines and breeds of animals. Objective 2: Develop strategies to identify and exploit genes and allelic variation that contribute to economically relevant phenotypes and traits, in part through improving functional annotation of the genomes of our species. Objective 3: Facilitate analysis, curation, storage, distribution and application of the enormous datasets now being generated by next-generation sequencing and related "omics" technologies with regard to animal species of agricultural interest. Species coordinators please send in your reports by January 5th to Dr. Caird Rexroad so he can assemble the full Aquaculture report.

Survey of Current or Potential Users of Rainbow Trout Clonal Lines: As many of you know that clonal lines of rainbow trout were established in Washington State University by Dr. Gary Thorgaard. If you have plans to use these clonal lines for your current and future research, please contact Dr. Gary Thorgaard ( or Dr. Yniv Palti (

The rainbow trout 57K SNP array is now commercially available from Affymetrix: The rainbow trout 57K SNP array is now commercially available from Affymetrix in two formats: for samples in 96-well plates and for samples in 384-well plates (more economical). For the 96 format the minimum order is 192 samples and for the 384 format the minimum order 1,920 samples. More ordering information on the array and a data sheet with technical information are available on the Affymetrix web site: For technical information beyond the data sheet information from Affymetrix you can contact Dr. Yniv Palti (

ISAG XII Registration now open: The Organizing Committee of the ISGA XII "The International Symposium on Genetics in Aquaculture XII" informs you that registration has been opened and you can submit your abstracts related to your contribution through the web link, As you know, the Symposium will be held from June 21-27 at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. If you have any questions, please contact the Organizing Committee Chairman Dr. Paulino Martínez ( Happy New Year to all the colleagues!

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