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Subject: [aquaculturegenomics] Aquaculture genomics Newsletter 37
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 09:49:03 -0500

Aquaculture Genomics Workshop at PAGXXIII: The Aquaculture Genomics Workshop will be held on January 10-11, 2015 as a part of the International Plant & Animal Genome XXIII meeting ( in San Diego, CA, USA.

Famous scientists invited to speak for Aquaculture Genomics Workshop: In addition to an array of presentations on current research efforts in the area of aquaculture genomics, there will be three invited presentations which will provide a fresh perspective on genomics and aquaculture. The invited speakers include Professor Theodorus Meuwissen of Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway, Dr. Ross Houston of the Roslin Institute and Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, UK, and Dr. Jim Parsons, Fish Breeder and Quantitative Geneticist, Senior Vice-President at Troutlodge Inc. These invited speakers will cover lectures on whole genome selection, host genetic regulation of disease resistance in salmonid species through the application of genomics, and industry-related issues.

Aquaculture Genome Workshop Travel Awards deadline Approaching: The Aquaculture Genomics Group of the NRSP-8 is pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of Travel Bursaries, of up to $1,000 each, to support the attendance of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at PAG XXIII. Application procedures can be found at The application deadline is October 31, 2014. Please contact Dr. Roger L. Vallejo via email at if you have any questions.

Aquaculture Genomics to fund three research projects through Coordinators funds: Through an open competition, three projects were selected to receive funds this year from the Aquaculture Genome Coordinators of the NRSP-8. These projects include 1) Title: Resource coordination workshops focused on oysters and other shellfish (P.I.: Dr. Steven Roberts of University of Washington); 2) Title: Genomic resources for rainbow trout growth and development (P.I.: Drs. Michael R. Garvin of Washington State University; and 3) Title: Implementing genome resources for temperate basses (P.I.: Dr. Benjamin Reading of North Carolina State University). Thanks are given to Dr. Caird Rexroad for his leadership and organization for the review, and to the peer reviewers for their voluntary review of the proposals. A total of 11 proposals were received, and three were funded this year. Additional projects may be funded the coming year if funds are available.

USDA NIFA funded four aquaculture research projects: Through its Aquaculture Research Program of 2014, NIFA funded four research projects. For details, see factsheet below or please visit

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