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Subject: [aquaculturegenomics] Aquaculture genomics Newsletter 17
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 10:43:53 -0500

v National Animal Genome Research Program NRSP-8 Business Meeting Planned: National Animal Genome Research Program NRSP-8 Business Meeting will be held in conjunctions with the Plant & Animal Genome XVI Conference, Town & Country Hotel, San Diego, at 3:30 PM on January 13, 2008. The main topic of interest this year is the renewal of the NRSP-8 project. Please arrange your time to participate, as this is the time that your voice can be directly heard.

Aquaculture Genome Business Meeting to be held:: Aquaculture Genome Business Meeting to be held: Aquaculture Genome Business Meeting will be held Saturday January 12, 2008, 5:00-6:00 p.m. Place: Pacific Salon 3 & 4, Town & Country Hotel, San Diego, CA. The agenda is attached here. Please make a print and bring it with you for the meeting.

NRSP-8 Aquaculture Genome has a new Administrative Advisor: Welcome Dr. Michael E. Vayda, Associate Dean and Associate Director of Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station to serve as our Administrative Advisor for Aquaculture Genome of NRSP-8. His contact information is the following: Mailing Address: 108 Morrill Hall, 146 University Place, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 05405, Phone Number:802-656-0555, Fax Number:802-656-0290, Email

Think Tank Meeting on Genetic Isolation of Fish: A Think Tank Meeting was held in Halifax, Canada to discuss potential collaborations in the area of genetic isolation of fish. Participants from the USA, Canada, Finland, Norway and Spain attended representing government agencies, universities and private industries. Several means of genetic isolation were discussed including environmental manipulation, nutrition, vaccines, QTLs, selective breeding/domestication, polyploidy, sex reversal and molecular techniques such as transgenic sterilization. Working groups were formed to further study these various areas and to form collaborative teams. Species of major interest were salmonids, cod, flatfish and catfish. Sources of funding will need to be identified. Dr. Rex Dunham went to the meeting representing aquaculture genome community. For more information on this meeting, please contact Dr. Rex Dunham (

Postdoctoral or Ph.D. Student Opportunity: Postdoctoral or Ph.D. Student Opportunity in Aquaculture Genomics in the Department of Zoology at North Carolina State University. The incumbent will create the first genetic linkage map for the striped bass and its relatives. The postdoctoral Research Associate would be hired for an initial term of two years at a salary commensurate with experience (range $32,000- $38,000). The doctoral student Research Assistant would pursue the Ph.D. degree in Zoology, Biotechnology, Functional Genomics or Bioinformatics and be provided with an annual stipend of $24,000, tuition, health insurance and research support for an initial term of 3 years. Prior laboratory experience with microsatellite DNA marker development and genotyping is highly desirable. For more information, contact Craig V. Sullivan, William Neal Reynolds Professor, Department of Zoology, 127 David Clark Laboratories, North Carolina State University, Box 7617, Raleigh NC 27695 (919-515-7186; NOTE: Attendees of Plant and Animal Genome XVI can telephone Dr. Sullivan to arrange an interview on site (cell 919-302-7888).

Agenda for NRSP-8 Aquaculture Business Meeting Coordinator: John Liu; Administrative Supervisor: Dr. Michael E. Vayda, National Program Leader: Dr. Muquarrab Qureshi Industry Representatives: Drs. Nagaraj Chatakondi, Dr. John Benzie, Dr. Scott LaPatra, Time: Saturday January 12, 2008, 5:00-6:00 p.m. Place: Pacific Salon 3 & 4, Town & Country Hotel, San Diego, CA. I. Call to order II. Old Business 1. Species Coordinators' Reports: All coordinator's reports except Bioinformatics report will be deferred to 8:00 a.m.-9:00. Sunday morning. a. Bioinformatics coordinator: James Reecy, Iowa State University b. Catfish Melanie Wilson, Species Coordinator c. Oysters Patrick Gaffney, Species Coordinator d. Salmonids Caird Rexroad, Species Coordinator e. Shrimps Paul Gross, Species Coordinator f. Stripe bass Mark Westerman, Species Coordinator g. Tilapia Thomas Kocher, Species Coordinator 2. Welcome Dr. Michael E. Vayda to be our Administrative Advisor for Aquaculture. Dr. Vayda is Associate Dean and Associate Director, Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station. His contact information is: 108 Morrill Hall, 146 University Place, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 05405; Phone Number:802-656-0555; Fax Number:802-656-0290; Email Address: 3. Administrator and Industry Rep Reports a. Dr. Muquarrab Qureshi, National Program Leader b. Industry reps: 4. Future Workshop: a. Let's commend Dr. Geoff Waldbieser for his outstanding efforts on organizing this year's Workshop. Dr. Yniv Pauti will be our next workshop organizer. b. Format of next Workshop: Dr. Geoff Waldbieser will lead the discussion c. All suggestions for the next Aquaculture Workshop including invited speakers should be sent to Dr. Palti ( III. New Business 1. Recognition of Travel Awards recipients 2. Introduction of Dr. Craig Sullivan as the Coordinator for Striped Bass 3. NRSP8 and NRI update: Dr. Muquarrab Qureshi and Dr. Peter Burfening 4. Election for a co-coordinator, Caird Rexroad was nominated, any other nominations? 5. Nomination and election for Secretary (Chair-elect) for 2008 who will be the chair for 2008. 6. Reminder of NRSP-8 Meeting - 3:35-5:45 p.m. Sunday January 13, 2008, Royal Palm Salon 3 & 4 IV. Adjourn.