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From: "John Liu" []
To: "aquaculturegenomics" []
Cc: "Grant Burgess" []
Subject: [aquaculturegenomics] Aquaculture genomics Newsletter 15
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 19:31:53 -0500

 Craig Sullivan to coordinate striped bass genome project: Dr. Craig 
Sullivan of North Carolina State University is now the Coordinator for 
Striped Bass Genome.  Dr. Sullivan runs a striped bass breeding program 
using genome-based approaches as well as traditional selective breeding.  
Please join me to support Craig on his new role as the coordinator.  We 
appreciate the great work of Dr. Mark Westerman as the former 
coordinator.  Due to job change of Dr. Westerman, he will continue to 
serve our community though not working with striped bass.  

 Aquaculture Genome Technologies published: A book entitled 
"Aquaculture Genome Technologies" has been recently published by 
Blackwell Publishing.  This book was edited by John Liu of Auburn 
University, and foreworded by Dr. James E. Womack of Texas A&M 
University, a member of the Academy of Sciences USA.  The chapters of 
the book were contributed by 42 aquaculture genome experts of various 
institutions from the United States, Canada, China, United Kingdom, 
Israel, Singapore, and South Africa.  The 29-chapter book contains five 
parts: marking genomes, mapping genomes, analysis of genome expression 
and function, sequencing genomes, and dealing with the daunting genomes 
of aquaculture species.  The editor of the book is grateful to all the 
contributors, reviewers, proof readers, and all aquaculture genome 
community for all the support he received during the course of 
publication.  For more information, please visit 

 New BAC library of Pacific oyster available: A new BAC library of 
Pacific oyster was constructed by Dr. Pat Gaffney's group from a single 
inbred male to circumvent the problems caused by high levels of 
polymorphism in oysters.  A physical map based on BAC contigs is under 
way using fingerprinting. 

 USDA-NRI Grant RFA for FY 2008 Now Available, and Letter of Intent 
required for some programs: The National Research Initiative FY 2008 RFA 
is now available at or .  
Program 43.0, Animal  Genome, contains five elements: Translational 
Animal Genomics (Letter of intent required for integrated proposals 
only, with a due date of March 14, 2008; Proposal deadline June 5, 
2008), Tools and Resources (no letters of intent required, proposal 
deadline June 5, 2008), Bioinformatics (no letters of intent required, 
Proposal deadline June 5, 2008), Functional Genomics (Letter of intent 
due March 14, 2008; Proposal deadline June 5, 2008) and Whole Genome 
Enabled Animal Selection (Letter of intent due November 26, 2007; 
Proposal deadline February 14, 2008)   Please see the RFA for deadlines 
for other animal-related programs.  Please also pay attention to Letters 
of intent, a new requirement for some programs this year.