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Subject: [aquaculturegenomics] Aquaculture genomics Newsletter 14.doc
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 12:31:53 -0500

 Aquaculture Genomics Workshop to be held: The annual Aquaculture 
Genomics Workshop will be held January 12-13, 2008, along with the Plant 
& Animal Genome XVI Conference (PAG-XVI), January 12-16, 2008 at the 
Town & Country Convention Center in San Diego, California. The deadline 
for the abstract submission is October 5, 2007.  For more information, 
please visit  This yearís Aquaculture Genomics 
Workshop will focus on the theme of Comparative Genomics with four 
invited speakers.

 Please submit your abstracts under the category of poster under 
Aquaculture: For PAG XVI abstracts related to Aquaculture, all 
presenters should submit their abstract as a poster and the workshop 
organizing committee will select from the poster abstracts those to be 
given as oral presentations.  

 Aquaculture Genomics Travel Awards: Again this year, the NRSP-8 
Aquaculture Committee is pleased to announce the availability of a 
limited number of Travel Awards of up to $1,000, to support the 
attendance of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at PAG XVI. 
Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who register for the PAG XVI 
meeting and submit an abstract to the Aquaculture Workshop are eligible 
for consideration. Applications should be submitted by E-mail to either 
John Liu ( or Geoff Waldbieser 
( and include the following 
items. A) the Title and Authors of the submitted Abstract, B) a 
statement of the anticipated costs for the applicant to attend the PAG 
XVI meeting, and a statement of additional resources (if any) that will 
be available to support their attendance. Applicants MUST also arrange 
for their supervisor to send an E-mail to John Liu or Geoff Waldbieser 
confirming their status as a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow.  
The deadline for the completion of application is October 5, 2007. 
Applications will be evaluated by the Aquaculture Genomics Executive 
Committee, and decisions will be announced to applicants soon after.

 USDA releases Blueprint for Agricultural Animal Genomics: The 
United States Department of Agriculture recently released a Blueprint 
for Agricultural Animal Genomics 2008-2017.  For details and content of 
this Blueprint, please visit 

 NRSP-8 renewal is underway: The writing team (Ernie Bailey, Hans 
Cheng, Noelle Cockett, Mary Delany, Jerry Dodgson, John Liu, Joan 
Lunney, Jim Reecy, Max Rothschild, Jim Womack) has held email 
correspondence and a conference call on 7/23/07 for the renewal of the 
NRSP-8 project. This renewal is for five years with the following three 
general objectives: 1. Create shared genomic tools and reagents and 
sequence information to enhance the understanding and discovery of 
genetic mechanisms affecting traits of interest. 2. Facilitate the 
development and sharing of animal populations and the collection and 
analysis of new, unique and interesting phenotypes. 3. Develop, 
integrate and implement bioinformatic resources to support the discovery 
of genetic mechanisms that underlie traits of interest.  Your input is 

 From the Editors of Marine Biotechnology:  Many genomics projects 
have been recently launched in marine and other aquatic species as a 
consequence of the genomics revolution.   To timely reflect the larger 
research trend, the editors of Marine Biotechnology decided to increase 
its coverage on genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, and believed 
that such a move will further increase the journalís rising impact 
factor (currently 2.408). In this context, we invite submissions of 
papers on linkage analysis, QTL analysis, association mapping, 
microarray studies, physical mapping, comparative genome analysis, 
bioinformatics, functional genomics, and whole genome sequencing.  We 
also encourage submission of papers on large-scale development of genome 
resources such as ESTs, SNPs and other relevant genome analysis 
platforms, and papers on development of genome-based technologies in 
marine and other aquatic species.