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Sent: Monday, December 13, 2004 2:42 AM
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Subject: [aquaculturegenomics] Aquaculture genomics Newsletter 4

Dear Aquaculture Genomics Colleagues:
  1. Aquaculture Genomics Travel Bursaries Winners: The following applicants have won the 2005 Aquaculture Genomics Travel Award. These young aquaculture genomics/genetics researchers will join us in San Diego during PAG XIII on January 15-16, 2005:
    NameInstitutionStatus Species of interestE-mail
    Mara Lennard Medical University of South Carolina Ph.D. student catfish
    Valentina. Mariani Parco Tecnologico Padano-CERSA Graduate student sturgeon
    Leslie Mitchell Simon Fraser University Graduate student salmonid
    Xiaozhong Zheng Stirling University postdoc salmonid
    Makoto INAMI Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Graduate student sea bream
    Siemon Ng Simon Fraser University Graduate student salmonid
    Yasuike Motoshige Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Ph.D. studentflounder
    Yian (Anne) Chen Medical University of South Carolina Graduate student catfish
    Eric PeatmanAuburn UniversityPh. D. student catfish
    Tarquin Dorrington University of Rhode Island Graduate student oyster
  2. In order to advocate for research support for Aquaculture Genomics, a White Paper has been drafted. In the process of the White Paper preparation, Dr. Gregory Warr of the Medical University of South Carolina took a lead on drafting the paper. After the first draft, it was distributed to the Executive Committee of Aquaculture Genomics for discussion and input. Several rounds of revisions were conducted with the suggestions from the committee. A copy of the latest version is attached for your review, approval, and suggestions. Please send your suggestions and comments to Dr. Warr ( by December 31, 2004. We would like to include as many authors as possible. As of right now, a list of authors were compiled from several White Papers for genome sequencing of aquaculture species. This is by no means a complete list. Please send a note to Dr. Warr ( if you wish to be an author and your name is not yet included, or if your name is on the paper, but you do not wish to be an author. The coordinating committee is aware of the fact that approval by the authors is required for use of their names. Please understand this is only a draft. We intend to send this White Paper to various funding agencies, and for publication in a professional journal after appropriate revisions. On behalf of all of us, I would like to thank Dr. Greg Warr for his leadership on this project.
  3. After learning the USDA's plans to sunset the Animal Genome Reagent and Tool Development program (Program 43.1) (please visit for details), many aquaculture genome researchers suggested that we should send in to USDA a White Paper requesting the continuation of this successful program. A short White Paper has been drafted and it is attached for your review, approval, and suggestions. The same applies here concerning authorships as discussed above.
  4. Please send the issues you believe should be discussed at the business meeting during PAG to John Liu (
  5. Aquaculture Genomics website has been up running. Please visit On behalf of Aquaculture Genomics research community, I would like to thank Dr. Caird Rexroad of USDA ARS NCCCWA for his leadership on the web project.
  6. As requested in the Aquaculture Genomics Newsletter 3, we would like to post all Aquaculture presentations at PAG XIII to Aquaculture Genomics web site. Please send your PowerPoint presentations to Dr. John Liu ( or Dr. Caird Rexroad ( by January 13, 2005.
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