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From: John Liu []
Sent: Monday, October 4, 2004 2:42 AM
To: aquaculturegenomics
Cc: John Liu
Subject: [aquaculturegenomics] Aquaculture genomics Newsletter 3

Dear Aquaculture Genomics Colleagues:

Several issues demanded this communication:

1. Concerning the application of Aquaculture Genomics Travel Bursaries,
the deadline for submission of abstract has been extended to October 4,
2004 by PAG.  In order to make decisions on the application, all your
application material must be received by October 8, 2004.  Please send
your applications to either Dr. Gregory Warr (, or Dr.
John Liu ( 

2. USDA plans to sunset the Animal Genome Reagent and Tool Development
program (Program 43.1) (please visit for details) “and
redirect resources to other animal genomics programs”.  As you know,
this program is regarded as one of the most successful programs under
NRI.  Given the stages of genomic research in aquaculture species, the
closing of this program in FY 2006 may negatively impact on genome
research efforts of aquaculture species.  Please let me know what you
think.  I believe it is most productive if we, as a group, can prepare
a formal statement of our needs before we meet in January in San Diego,
and present it to USDA.  Please indicate what particular “genome tools”
or “genome reagents” you see are needed for aquaculture genome

3. We need to develop a meeting agenda for our business meeting during
PAG.  Please let me know the items that you would like to be included.

4. We would like to post all presentations to Aquaculture Genomics web
site.  Please send your PowerPoint presentations to Dr. John Liu
( or Dr. Caird Rexroad
( by January 13, 2005.

5. We are a part of the NRSP-8 program that requires annual report.
For all scientists who are officially participants of NRSP-8 project, 
please send an annual report to your species coordinators: Salmonids,
Dr. Caird Rexroad (; Tilapia, Dr. Thomas
Kocher (, catfish, Dr. Melanie Wilson
(; striped bass, Dr. Mark Westerman
(; Shrimps, Dr. Paul Gross (;
and oysters, Dr. Patrick Gaffney (  Each
coordinator will be asked to have a report on their species prepared by
November 15, so that an integrated progress report for Aquaculture can
be assembled in advance of our meeting.  If the species you are working
on is not included above, please send your progress report to Dr. John
Liu (

6. BAC library plates and high-density filters for several fish
species, including tilapia and rainbow trout, are now available from
the Hubbard Center for Genome Studies.  For more information, please

P.S. If you know someone who wish to be on this mailing list, or if you
wish to be removed from this mailing list, please send a note to John
Liu (