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From: John Liu []
Sent: Wednsday, October 1, 2003 2:42 AM
To: aquaculturegenomics
Cc: John Liu
Subject: [aquaculturegenomics] Aquaculture genomics Newsletter 1

Dear Aquaculture Genome Research Colleagues:

This e-mail is to update you with some of the changes that happened in
the organization of Aquaculture Genome efforts and to invite your active
participation.  For our international colleagues, you are welcome to
participate in the efforts.  Even though I may talk about organization
structures that may appear to be relevant to the US scientist only, but
you are all invited to be a part of this effort. 

   1. Starting October 1. 2003, Aquaculture Genome became an official
part of the National Animal Genome Project NRSP-8.  For those who need
more information on NRSP-8, please read the attached file “a brief
introduction of NRSP”.

   2. The original regional project (NE-186) on Aquaculture Genomics has
expired and we will not renew the project because its renewed mission is
now covered under NRSP-8.  In a sense, our aquaculture genome project
has moved from a regional project now to a national project.

   3. John Liu from Auburn University ( was
selected as coordinator for Aquaculture within NRSP-8.  Thomas Kocher
( has served as the Chair for the last year.
Greg Warr ( was elected as our Chair this year, and
Caird Rexroad ( was elected as our
secretary (chair-elect).  Dr. Bill Trumble (
continues to be our administrative advisor.  Dr. Muquarrab Qureshi
( is the national program leader for the NRSP-8

   4. Because of the diversity of the species we work with, we need a
greater level of coordination to enhance communication, cooperation, and
collaboration.  Per conclusion from the business meeting in San Diego,
we decided to have a coordinator for the following species: Tilapia,
oysters, shrimps, salmonids, catfish, and striped bass.  Current
coordinators are: Tilapia: Thomas Kocher (;
Shrimps: Acacia Warren (;  Salmonids: Caird
Rexroad (; oysters: Patrick Gaffney
(; stripe bass: Mark Westerman
(; and catfish: John Liu

   5. Some of our current coordinators have served for the last several
years and it is time to elect new coordinators.  In order to keep
certain level of continuity, here I am requesting nominations for:

         1. Coordinator for catfish
         2. Coordinator for shrimp
         3. Coordinator for oysters

With the remaining coordinators to continue to serve until next year.