Agenda for NRSP-8 Aquaculture Business Meeting

Co-coordinator: John Liu;

Co-coordinator: Caird Rexroad;

Administrative Supervisor: Dr. Michael E. Vayda

National Program Leader: Dr. Muquarrab Qureshi

Industry Representatives: Drs. Nagaraj Chatakondi, Dr. John Benzie, Dr. Scott LaPatra

Time: Saturday January 10, 2009, 5:00-6:00 pm

Place:Royal Palm Salon 3 & 4, Town and Country Hotel, San Diego, CA

I. Call to order

Dr. John Liu called the meeting to order at 5:05 pm, immediately following the Aquaculture workshop.

II. Old Business

  1. Species Coordinators' Reports: All coordinator's reports except Bioinformatics report will be deferred to 8:00 a.m.-9:00. Sunday morning. For full reports by species coordinators, please see the annual report.
    1. Bioinformatics coordinator: James Reecy, Iowa State University Dr. Reecy distributed a survey soliciting input from the aquaculture genomics community on where to go in the next five years with bioinformatics training and resource development. The coordination structure for NRSP-8 bioinformatics has changed recently. Cari Park is the new biocurator and would be the contact person for updating information in the database. Animal QTLdb is being developed but needs some work in the aquaculture species (needs map and coordinates to associate QTL to it). Dr. Reecy asked that we keep him up to date with the progress of genome sequencing and the development of assemblies that can be used on bioinformatics website. Comparative QTL viewer is being implemented (as long as maps exist for anchoring). Bioinformatics resource development and maintenance is now being funded by NRI rather than NRSP-8. MIQAS standards set so that information that is needed to compare QTL and associations is available for the website (called MIBBI -- minimum information for biological and biomedical investigations). A vertebrate trait ontology is being developed to standardize nomenclature for traits so that traits can be more easily compared across studies.
    2. Catfish Geoff Waldbieser, Interim Coordinator
    3. Oysters Patrick Gaffney, Coordinator
    4. Salmonids Yniv Palti, Coordinator
    5. Shrimps John Benzie, Coordinator
    6. Stripe bass Craig Sullivan, Coordinator
    7. Tilapia Thomas Kocher, Coordinator
    Please visit Aquaculture Coordinator's report for progress report and publications in each species.
  2. Administrator and Industry Rep Reports
    1. Dr. Muquarrab Qureshi, National Program Leader
    2. Industry reps: John Benzie (shrimp) gave a joint report on Sunday morning. Dr. Nagaraj Chatakondi -- catfish (present). Dr. Chatakondi discussed the improvements or progress being made in disease resistance in the industry.
    3. Dr. Michael E. Vayda, Administrative Advisor.
    4. Dr. Liu introduced Dr. Vayda, who is the NE coordinator or representative for the NRSP-8.
  3. Future Workshop:
    1. Let's commend Dr. Yniv Palti for his outstanding efforts on organizing this year's Workshop. Dr. Krista Nichols will be our next workshop organizer.
    2. Format of next Workshop: Dr. Yniv Palti will lead the discussion
      **in the interest of time, Dr. Liu suggested that comments or suggestions be sent to Krista by email.
    3. All suggestions for the next Aquaculture Workshop including invited speakers should be sent to Dr. Krista Nichols (

III. New Business

  1. Recognition of Travel Awards recipients
    meeting was started by handing out certificates for travel awardees (n = 15). Travel awardees are listed at the end of this document and included 3 international students/postdocs and 12 awardees from US institutions.
  2. AFRI and NRSP-8 update: Dr. Peter Burfening and Dr. Muquarrab Qureshi NRSP-8 has been renewed for the next five years until 2013. Dr. Qureshi gave an overview of the NRSP-8 program, and reported that the Aquaculture project received increased funding and was reviewed very favorably. One additional objective has been added to the NRSP-8 for aquaculture.

    Dr. Burfening reported on the change from NRI to AFRI in 2009 and the associated institutional changes. The intent of AFRI was to raise agriculture research to higher level within government. Input will be solicited for new visions. Dr. Burfening reported on new projects in the Farm Bill. The new program description may be found on The program name has been changed to Animal Genome, Genetics, and Breeding. Focus of the new program will include conventional breeding and translational animal genomics, as well as the development of tools and resources, including funding for low level or draft sequence coverage in un-sequenced species of agricultural importance. Funding level has doubled and funding success rate is 22%. Dr. Burfening reminded the community that he is ready for some exciting proposals, and that letters of intent are due before proposals.

  3. Nomination of Catfish Coordinator (Dr. Geoff Waldbieser is serving as the Interim Coordinator), if more than one nominations, then an electronic vote will be conducted. Dr. Liu commended Dr. Melanie Wilson for her service as the catfish species coordinators. Dr. Waldbieser declined the nomination and nominated Dr. Sylvie Quinou. No other nominations were received, and Dr. Quinou was duly voted to be the catfish coordinator.
  4. Nomination and election for Secretary (Chair-elect) for 2009 who will be the chair for 2010.

    Dr. Matt Rise was nominated as the Chair-Elect for 2009. No other nominations were received. Dr. Rise accepted the nomination and was voted at the Chair-Elect for 2009.


Dr. Dennis Hedgecock asked for an update on the NRSP-8 budget. Dr. Liu suggested we have a surplus ($35,000 carry-over + $40,000 new budget). Expenditures will include payment for student travel grants, the Aquaculture reception, and payment of the industry representatives.

Dr. Liu suggested that anyone wishing to use the funds submit a proposal to him. Dr. Qureshi suggested that we would actually be getting $65,000 this year with the increase in funding.

IV. Adjourn.

The meeting was adjourned by Dr. Liu at 6:01 pm.

2009 workshop travel awardees

1) Elodie FLEURY, France, oyster
2) Takashi Koyama, Japan, shrimp
3) Cecilia Castańn> Sáz, USA, salmonid
4) Artur B. Veloso, USA, shrimp
5) Jessica Petersen, USA, salmonid
6) Melinda Baerwald, USA, salmonid
7) Shaolin Wang, USA, catfish/oyster
8) Jason Abernathy, USA, catfish
9) Hong Liu, USA, catfish
10) Danielle Gorbach, USA, shrimp
11) Jieying Li, Canada, salmonid
12) Yongping Wang, USA, oyster
13) Liusuo Zhang, USA, oyster
14) Haiyang Yu, USA, oyster
15) Hong Yu, USA, oyster

* The numeric order is for accounting purpose only and does not imply merit-based ranking.