Minutes for the NRSP-8 Aquaculture Business Meeting

Coordinator: John Liu
Administrative Supervisor: Dr. Michael E. Vayda
National Program Leader: Dr. Muquarrab Qureshi
Industry Representatives: Drs. Nagaraj Chatakondi, Dr. John Benzie, Dr. Scott LaPatra

Time: Saturday January 12, 2008, 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Place: Pacific Salon 3 & 4, Town & Country Hotel, San Diego, CA.

I. Call to order

Chair, Dr. John Liu, called the business meeting to order at 5 pm, following the Aquaculture Workshop.

II. Old Business

  1. Species Coordinators' Reports: All coordinator's reports except Bioinformatics report will be deferred to 8:00 a.m.-9:00. Sunday morning.
    1. Bioinformatics coordinator: James Reecy, Iowa State University
    2. Catfish: Melanie Wilson, Species Coordinator
    3. Oysters: Patrick Gaffney, Species Coordinator
    4. Salmonids: Caird Rexroad, Species Coordinator
    5. Shrimps: Paul Gross, Species Coordinator
    6. Striped bass: Craig Sullivan, Species Coordinator
    7. Tilapia: Thomas Kocher, Species Coordinator
  2. Dr. Michael E. Vayda is our new Administrative Advisor. Dr. Vayda is Associate Dean and Associate Director, Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station. His contact information is: 108 Morrill Hall, 146 University Place, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 05405; Phone Number:802-656-0555; Fax Number:802-656-0290; Email Address: michael.vayda@uvm.edu
  3. Administrator and Industry Rep Reports
    1. Dr. Muqurab Qureshi National program Leader reported on personnel updates in CSREES, FY2008 appropriations and updates on the 2007 Farm Bill. (attached hard copy)

      Dr. Peter Burfening national program leader of Animal Genome competitive funding. Breakdown of NRI Animal programs awards (attached hard copy). Reported on requirements for grant proposals next year. RFA is on the NRI web site.

      Blue Print of genome research priorities for USDA is available on the web.

    2. Industry Rep.:
      Dr. Nagaraj Chatakondi - catfish (present)
      Dr. John Benzie - shrimp (present)
      Dr. Scott LaPatra - salmonids (did not attend)
  4. Future Workshop:
    1. We thank Dr. Geoff Waldbieser for his outstanding efforts on organizing this year's Workshop. Dr. Yniv Palti will be our next workshop organizer.
    2. All suggestions for the next Aquaculture Workshop including invited speakers should be sent to Dr. Palti (Yniv.Palti@ars.usda.gov).

III. New Business

  1. Travel award recipients this year: Nicole Quinn, Simon Fraser Univ., BC, Canada; Jason Abernathy, Auburn Univ.; Gregory Maes, Katholeicke Univ; Leuven, Belgium, Sham Nair; Macquarie Univ, Australia; Kim Johnstone, Simon Fraser Univ., BC, Canada; Shaolin Wang, Auburn Univ.; Tiago Hori, Memorial Univ., NF, Canada; Dina Proestou, Univ. of Rhode Island; Delphine Lallias, Bangor Univ., Wales; Anti Vasemägi, Univ. of Turku, Finland.
  2. Dr. Cairg Sullivan is the new species coordinator for striped bass.
  3. Dr. Caird Rexroad III was elected to be the Aquaculture species co-coordinator to assist and share the responsibility with Dr. Liu.
  4. Dr. Krista Nichols was elected to be Secretary and Chair-Elect in 2009.
  5. Dr. Yniv Palti was nominated to replace Caird Rexroad as the salmonids coordinator. This appointment is pending approval by the e-mail list.

IV. Adjourn.