NRSP-8 Aquaculture 2007 Workshop Report
Workshop Organizer: Geoff Waldbieser
Aquaculture Coordinator: John Liu

The 2007 NRSP8 Aquaculture Genome Workshop was held in conjunction with the International Plant and Animal Genome XV Conference in San Diego, CA on January 13-14, 2007. Dr. Geoff Waldbieser of the USDA/ARS Catfish Genetics Research Unit served as the vice-Program Chair and Program Chair-Elect. Due to additional administrative duties, Dr. Dennis Hedgecock (previously elected chair) requested that Dr. Waldbieser organize this year’s meeting. Eighty four participants were recorded over the two day workshop (listed below). The Saturday morning session consisted of three invited speakers followed by a roundtable discussion with the speakers moderated by Dr. Dennis Hedgecock (U. Southern California). After lunch, there were nine contributed oral presentations; four by graduate student/post doc travel award recipients, one by a post-doctoral scientist, and three by primary investigators. The Aquaculture Business Meeting was conducted by Dr. John Liu, followed by a poster session at the Terrace Pavilion that included a reception sponsored by NRSP-8 and Intrinsic Life Sciences.

The invited speakers were Dr. Sergey Nuzhdin, University of California, Davis, Dr. Stuart Macdonald, University of Kansas, and Dr. Eric Schadt, Rosetta Inpharmatics/Merck. This year the emphasis was placed on quantitative phenotypes. Because genomic analyses will be useful in the elucidation of quantitative traits in aquacultured species, the invited speakers were focused on the analysis of complex traits. Drs. Nuzhdin and Macdonald presented analyses of modeling genetic structure in wild populations and modeling complex traits in Drosophila. Dr. Schadt presented research data from human and mouse experiments designed to model complex traits and understand networks of gene expression in response to genetic or environmental perturbations. The interactive roundtable discussion that followed the presentations was useful to help the audience place these concepts in the framework of aquacultured species. The organizers received several compliments on the quality of the morning session from many researchers of non-aquacultured species that attended the workshop.

The NRSP8 Aquaculture Executive Committee approved 10 Travel Awards at $1000 each. One awardee did not attend the conference, so nine travel grants were awarded: four for salmonids, two for catfish, two for sea bream, and one for scallop.

Recipient Species Affiliation
* Melinda Baerwald salmonids University of California, Davis
Christine N. Kwitkowski salmonids Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada
Nicole Langlois salmonids Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada
Erika Leder salmonids University of Turku, Finland
Bruno Louro sea bream Centre of Marine Sciences, Universidade do Algarve, Portugal
* Eric Peatman catfish Auburn University
* Jessica Peterson scallop University of California, Davis
* Elena Sarropoulou sea bream Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Crete
Shaolin Wang catfish Auburn University
* - abstract selected for oral presentation

In addition to Travel Award Recipients, the following Graduate Student/Post Docs gave presentations:

Speaker Species Laboratory
Krzysztof Lubieniecki Salmonids Simon Fraser University, British Columbia
Elizabeth Boulding Salmonids University of Guelph, ON, CA
Attila Karsi Catfish Mississippi State University
Yniv Palti Salmonids USDA-ARS

On Sunday the species coordinators gave presentations on research progress in the past year. Afterward, as hoc species-species research groups assembled to discuss research plans.

Name First Name Affiliation Email
Allan Mark USDA Meat Animal Research Center mark.alla@ars.usda.govg
Andreassen Rune Norwegian School of Veterinary Science rune.andreassen@veths.nog
Baerwald Melinda UC Davis mrbaerwald@ucdavis.edug
Band Mark University of Illinois markband@uiuc.edug
Bengten Eva University of Mississippi Medical Center ebengten@microbio.umsmed.edug
Benzie John Moana Technologies LLC joben@psb.ugent.beg
Bhuiyan Md. Shamsul Ham Chungnam National University, South Korea bhuiyansa@yahoo.comg
Boulding Elizabeth University of Guelph, Canada boulding@uoguelph.cag
Bridges Susan Mississippi State University bridges@cse.msstate.edug
Burfening Peter USDA/CSREES pburfening@csrees.usda.govg
Campbell Nathan Columbia River Intertribal Fish Comm. camn@critfe.orgg
Carole Jason University of Southern California jcarole@usc.edug
Chatakondi Nagaraj Eagel Aquaculture, Inc. nagaraj.chatakondi@eagleaqua.comg
Davidson Willie Simon Fraser University wdavidso@sfu.cag
DeKoning Jenefer WSU-Vancouver dekoning@vancouver.wsu.edug
Druka Arnis SCRI
Durstewitz Gregor TraitGenetics GmbH gregor@traitgenetics.deg
Everts Robin University of Illinois everts@uiuc.edug
Fujiki Kazuhiro Simon Fraser University kfujiki@sfa.cag
Fuller Adam USDA-ARS-SNARC afuller@spa.ars.usda.govg
Gadau Juergen Arizona State University jgadau@asu.edug
Gaffney Patrick University of Delaware pgaffney@udel.edug
Gerwick Lena SIO/UCSD lgerwick@ucsd.edug
Glazmann Jean-Christophe CIRAD glazmann@cirad.frg
Gross Paul Med. Univ. South Carolina grossp@musc.edug
Hedgecock Dennis University of Southern California dhedge@usc.edug
Howard Lisa Simon Fraser University lchoward@sfu.cag
Hu Zhiliang Iowa State University zhu@iastate.edug
Huang Peter BCGSC phuang@bcgsc.cag
Huang Kevin Simon Fraser University khuang@sfa.cag
Huang Shiao-Wei National Taiwan University d2205002kimo@yahoo.comg
Jia Yi Iowa State University jiayi@iastate.edug
Johnstone Kimberley Simon Fraser University kajohnst@sfu.cag
Kai Ying Iowa State University yingk@iastate.edug
Karsi Attila Mississippi State University karsi@cvm.msstate.edug
Kim Ryan University of Illinois wrkim@uiuc.edug
Koop Ben University of Victoria bkoop@uvic.cag
Kwithowski Christine Simon Fraser University ckwitkow@sfu.cag
Langlois Nicole Simon Fraser University nlanglois@sfu.cag
Lawton-Runh Amy Clemson University AmyLR@clemson.edug
Leder Erica University of Turku, Finland eriled@utu.fig
Leong Jong University of Victoria jong@uvic.cag
Li Li Iowa State University lilsunny@iastate.edug
Liu John Auburn University zliu@acesag.auburn.edug
Liu Bin Beijing Genomics Institute
Louro Bruno Universidade do Algarve blouro@ualg.ptg
Lubieniecki Krzysztof Simon Fraser University klubieu@sfu.cag
MacDonald Stuart University of Kansas sjmac@ku.edug
Mishra Vishnu   vishnum@hotmail.comg
Moyheim Bjorn Norwegian School of Veterinary Science bjorn.moyheim@veths.nog
Namroud Marie-Claire Universite Laval Forest Biology Research Centre marie-claire.namround@rsvs.ulaval.cag
Narum Shawn Columbia River Intertribal Fish Comm. nars@critfe.orgg
Nuzhdin Sergey UC Davis svnuzhdin@ucdavis.edug
Palti Yniv USDA-ARS-NCCCWA yniv.palti@ars.usda.govg
Peatman Eric Auburn University peatmer@auburn.edug
Petersen Jessica UC Davis jlpetersen@ucdavis.edug
Phillips Ruth WSU-Vancouver phillipsr@vancouver.wsu.edug
Plomion Christophe INRA plomion@pierroton.inra.frg
Quiniou Sylvie USDA-ARS-CGRU squiniou@ars.usda.govg
Qureshi Muquarrab USDA/CSREES mqureshi@csrees.usda.govg
Reecy James Iowa State University jreecy@iastate.edug
Rexroad Caird NCCCWA caird.rexroadiii@ars.usda.govg
Rise Matthew Memorial Univesity of Newfoundland mrise@mun.cag
Sarropoulou Elena Hellenic Center of Marine Research sarris@imbc.grg
Schadt Eric Merck/Rosetta eric_schadt@merck.comg
Shin Hee-Young Chungbuk National University, South Korea shin3165@naver.comg
Simon Reinhard Intl. Potato Center r.simon@cgiar.orgg
Thorgaard Gary Washington State University thorglab@wsu.edug
Tice Hope DOE Joint Genome Inst. tice1@llnl.govg
Tonganunt Moltira Price of Songkla University tonganunt@yahoo.comg
Trumble Bill Unviversity of New Hampshire Bill.Trumble@unh.edug
Vallejo Roger USDA/ARS/NCCCWA roger.vallejo@ars.usda.govg
Waldbieser Geoff USDA/ARS gwaldbieser@ars.usda.govg
Wang Shaolin Auburn University wangsha@auburn.edug
Wibowo Tito Washington State University twibowo@wsu.edug
Wilson Mel University of Mississippi Medical Center mwilson@microbio.umsmed.edug
Wright Jody Simon Fraser University jjwright@sfu.cag
Yao Jianbo West Virginia University jianbo.yao@mail.wvu.edug
Yates Brian Simon Fraser University brian_yates@sfu.cag
Yazawa Ryosuke University of Victoria
You Evan En-Min National Taiwan University
Zhang Xiaojun Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences xiaojunzhang003@yahoo.comg
Zhao Baoping "Beth" University of Hawaii baoping@hawaii.edug