2005 NRSP8 Aquaculture Genome Business Meeting Minutes

The business meeting of the NRSP8 Aquaculture Genomics Workshop was held Saturday January 15, 2005 from 4:30 to 5:45 pm.

  1. Call to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. John Liu, Aquaculture Genome Species Coordinator
  2. Old Business
    1. The species coordinator reports (Catfish – Dr. Melanie Wilson, Oysters – Dr. Patrick Gaffney, Salmonids – Dr. Caird Rexroad, Shrimp – Dr. Paul Gross, Striped Bass – Dr. Mark Westerman, Tilapia – Dr. Thomas Kocher) were moved to Sunday, January 16, 2005 9:00-10:10 am with the exception of the Bioinformatics report to be given by Dr. James Reecy during the Business Meeting
    2. Dr. William Trumble, representing the administrations of land grant institutions which fund NRSP8 and Administrative Advisor to the Aquaculture Genome membership of NRSP8, addressed the attendees.
      1. He noted that he is pleased with the accumulation of interest in the aquaculture group over the years; especially now that this is the first year aquaculture has been a part of NRSP8.
      2. He informed the group that this is his last year as our advisor, and that he would be searching for his replacement.
      3. He noted that he is the contact for those wishing to formally join NRSP8, and can be contacted at bill.trumble@unh.edu
    3. Dr. Muquarrab Qureshi, USDA/CSREES National Program Leader, addressed the membership with the following comments:
      1. He thanked Dr. Trumble for his service to this group and commented that he was very pleased to see the progress aquaculture species on the committee report.
      2. The SCOP review commended NRSP8 for adding aquaculture species in last years review.
      3. CSREES will continue with an heavy emphasis on animal genetics, that genetics falls under 303 and 304 under the presidential plan, genetics in a high priority
      4. CSREES puts $15 million in animal genetics through a combination of competitive and special grants
      5. Noted progress in sequencing cattle, and chicken genomes, initiation of swine genome sequencing project
      6. Pleased with the white papers and international efforts
    4. Dr. John Liu introduced and invited brief comments from the Aquaculture Genome Industry Representatives
      1. Dr. Alan Mileham, Sygen
      2. Dr. Mark Westerman, Kent SeaTech Corporation, replacing Jim Carlberg
      3. Dr. John Benzie, Moana Technologies
      4. Dr. Roger Yant, Harvest Select Farms
    5. Dr. James Reecy, Iowa State University reported on the status of Bioinformatics with respect to NRSP8
      1. The NRSP8 Bioinformatics Group at Iowa State also includes Dr. Chris Tuggle and Dr. Zhiliang Hu
      2. Strategy is to focus on things that help all groups
      3. This year the aquaculture genome website was moved to ISU
      4. Tools at the NAGRP Website include Expeditor, BLAST Server, and PigQTLdb which could also develop for aquaculture species
      5. Asked "How can we help, what should we focus on?"
      6. Questions
    6. Dr. Liu commended Dr. Greg Warr for his efforts in organizing the 2005 Workshop and invited suggestions for the 2006 workshop (format, speakers, etc…) to be addressed to Dr. Caird Rexroad, Program Chair.
  3. New Business
    1. Travel Awards- Dr. John Liu
      1. The committee dedicated a significant portion of funding to bring young scientists to this meeting as they are the future of aquaculture genomics.
      2. Dr. Greg Warr called the names of each recipient, US recipients were presented with a check, and international recipients received a certificate and would receive a check upon receipt of a copy of their visa.
    2. Web Update
      1. Dr. Caird Rexroad gave a brief overview of the new Aquaculture Genome website.
    3. Dr. Peter Brayton, USDA/CSREES, National Program Leader addressed the membership to comment on the state of CSREES funding:
      1. Fiscal year 2005,the budget is flat funded at $186 million
      2. Results from 2004 competitive programs are slowly being put forward, aquaculture got $800k, second to poultry at $1.2 million
      3. CSREES is aware that aquaculture species need Tools and Reagents program, it is in place for 2005
      4. CSREES will keep the needs of aquaculture in mind for the future, the NRSP8 business meeting will include discussion on the future of this program
    4. Species Coordinators
      1. Three species coordinators were elected this year and will serve through 2008
        1. Dr. Melanie Wilson, Catfish
        2. Dr. Paul Gross, Shrimp
        3. Dr. Patrick Gaffney, Oyster
      2. For the coming year, species coordinators will not change
    5. White papers
      1. Several consortia wrote white papers this past year including shrimp and tilapia
      2. Many proposals were submitted to the Department of Energy, Joint Genome Institute, Community Sequencing Program including shrimp, tilapia, trout, shrimp ouster, tilapia and catfish.
      3. NRSP8 leadership wrote 2 white papers:
        1. One to address the sun-setting of the Tools and Reagents Program at USDA.
        2. A second genomic enablement of aquaculture species for widespread distribution to many funding programs
        3. White papers were written to be inclusive, Dr. John Liu encouraged the audience to be coauthors
        4. Dr. Dennis Hedgecock raised the issue of distribution and the importance of letting folks know why our species are important in addition to aquaculture value
        5. Dr. Jim Reecy offered to help with distribution
        6. Dr. Dan Rohksar encouraged the group to support proposals to JGI based on economic value.
    6. Last year four Aquaculture Genomics Newsletters were sent out to scientists world wide, John Liu encouraged folks to sign on to his List Serve.
    7. Budget-Dr. John Liu

      1. NRSP8 gives us $37,000 a year, after the meeting the balance will be $56,000. John asked for folks to submit requests to him. If they are inexpensive he will ok them, if they are expensive he will get permission from the committee
      2. These monies are intended for research support, not research. Examples would be sharing reagents, travel to meetings to represent aquaculture interests, shipping costs, etc…
    9. Nominations for 2006 Chair Elect
      1. Dr. Greg Warr nominated Dr. Dennis Hedgecock
      2. Dr. Dennis Hedgecock nominated Dr. Tom Kocher
      3. Dr. Dennis Hedgecock commented that he is no longer at a Land Grant University and would not receive credit for such activity
      4. Dr. Liu commented the chair had to go to shellfish and thanked Dr. Hedgecock for accepting the nomination.
      5. Dr. Hedgecock was voted 2006 Chair Elect
    10. Annual Reports-Dr. John Liu
      1. Explained multilevel report strategy, importance of reporting
      2. all NRSP8 members must have station reports send to species coordinators
      3. species coordinators make species reports for Aquaculture Coordinator
      4. Aquaculture Coordinator submits report to NRSP8
      5. Needs by January 28th.
    11. Willie Davidson said Genome Canada would host the evening poster session next year, including alcohol.
    12. Adjourn to social/reception 7pm, good sponsored by NRSP8 and Sygen

Conclude 5:45 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Caird E. Rexroad III

2005 Chair Elect